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Regulated Entities

CompanyAuditor4U provide specialist audit services for regulated entities, including mortgage and insurance brokers, solicitors as well as real estate agents.

Regulated Entities

  • Estate Agents – as regulated by the Property Services Regulated Authority

  • Mortgage/Insurance brokers - as regulated by the Central Bank Authority

  • Solicitor Practice Accounts – as regulated by the Law Society

We work with this profile of client to ensure businesses run efficiently thanks to the comfort of knowing all necessary systems and protocols are in place.


Our specialist knowledge and experience will ensure audits are carried out efficiently and professionally thanks to our dedication and history of working closely with mortgage and insurance brokers, solicitors and real estate agents.


Our team are fully registered auditors with Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

We guarantee real estate agent audits that adhere to all systems and protocols

Benefits Of Specialist Auditing Services For Regulated Entities

Accountants, for example, are realising that maintaining an audit certificate is becoming undesirable and unprofitable. Allowing accountants to offer auditing services without the hassle means they can focus on general accountancy and tax work.

Benefits Of Specialist Auditing Services For Regulated Entities

  • Ensure best practice in audit

  • Ensure you never lose a client because you do not offer audits

  • Lower costs

  • Reduce your compliance burden

  • Spend more time on strategic issues